The length of time someone might seek counselling for will depend on several things and these can be considered in the initial session. If there is a specific issue in the present that you would like to address short-term or time-limited work may be ideal. I would suggest a minimum of 8 sessions, meeting weekly to provide a sense of continuity within the work.

Longer term or open-ended work allows for a deeper exploration of the issues and experiences that are significant to you. If this is how you would like us to work regular reviews will ensure our sessions continue to be both meaningful and of benefit to you.

Psychotherapeutic Counselling is a talking therapy intended to provide help and support for anyone experiencing emotional and mental health issues or for anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of themselves, how they relate to others and the world around them.

It differs from some other counselling approaches because it emphasises the therapeutic relationship that the therapist and client build together.

In Psychotherapeutic counselling a holistic approach is taken. This means that every part of the client’s experience is welcome and valued. This can include physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the self – all of which are important.

What is Psychotherapeutic Counselling?

I recognise that the most important part of any therapy is the relationship that the client and therapist build together. I therefore suggest an initial, no obligation session to see what it might be like for us to work together and whether you feel it may be of benefit to you.

The initial session will be more structured than a usual counselling session. I will ask a few questions to get a sense of what the issues are and how best I can help. You, of course, are also free to ask any questions about counselling that you might want to.


The cost of a 50 minute session is £35.

What next?

"Feeling real is more than existing;

it is finding a way to exist as oneself..."


                                                           Donald Winnicott

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